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London Fashion Week – F/W 2011 – J.W. Anderson

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An eclectic of cropped sweaters and what look like hakama-style pants. A little bit of everything ranging from the wearable to the unwearable. I love the silhouettes – from the lanky shoes and the tightly cut sweaters.

[images via London Fashion Week]


London Fashion Week – Menswear

09/26/2010 Leave a comment

Everyone seems to forget about London Fashion week since Milan takes the spotlight before it’s even over! LFW had a dedicated menswear day – let me share my favorites.

Top Man Design

Interesting pieces with a somewhat fall-esque color scheme, what stood out the most were the paperbag-waist shorts – an odd shape but definitely intriguing.

J.W Anderson

Little urban, little punk, and a little dandy – definitely a wide range of looks with very bold prints. Comes off a bit unfocused, but I appreciate the styling of each look!

James Long

Definitely making a bold statement with print – some a graffiti-esque some borderline barf, but definitely makes an impact. They pieces work better as separates paired with something a bit more subtle but there is something very charming about this collection.

Lou Dalton

Loving this collection! Each pieces looks basic, but upon further inspection has an amazing edge to it. Bit of a punk vibe intermixed with casual wear definitely gives this collection a unique subtlety.

I love London sensibility when it comes to menswear, something very bold and statement making that you don’t really see in Milan or New York – need more!

[images via London Fashion Week]

London Fashion Week – S/S 2011 – Burberry Prorsum

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It’s like the men’s show + candy-colored belts!

I like the accessories, they definitely add a feminine edge to the rockabilly aesthetic of the menswear line shown in Milan. But it does look tacked on in a few places no?

There was a lot going on – animal print, military, rockabilly, neon colors – a bit of a mindfuck.

The studs + colors + animal prints came off a little to literal crocodile for me.

If you watched the livestream, the girls clearly had issues walking in the shoes and leather pants for some reason. This poor girl took a spill.

I have to say, fashion may not be practical – but I tried on the coats for winter and they were already pretty heavy, add those studs on, and I can’t imagine this being a comfortable spring/summer for the Burberry girl.

Gorgeous right? When it works, the elements work well and is actually quite tough/elegant, but it’s a bit overwhelming to have a neon-reptilian-studded-military-trenchcoat-barf.

And what was this?

[images via Fashionologie]

London Fashion Week – Basso & Brooke

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I can’t look at this and not think McQueen Spring 2010 😦

London Fashion Week – James Long/Topman

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Currently in love with these two looks from London – Topman (First) James Long (Second). Topman is really turning out some hot jackets for Fall. *dies*

via The Fashionisto

London Fashion Week – Burberry Prorsum

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Burberry livestreamed their show (in 3D in some places?) – this show was all about those hot boots and big fur jackets. I can’t really get behind the jackets yet, something about the edges looks really puckery and bulky. They are pretty massive tho, I’ll give them that.

And Christopher Bailey is so adorable!

I do have to applaud Burberry, they have been embracing technology what with the livestreaming, attention to social media and blogging, and sites like Art of the Trench – branding at its finest!

London Fashion Week

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Newcomer Turkish Designer Hakan shows his collection at London Fashion Week. Simply stunning, I am absolutely floored by that one shoulder dress. So organic and gorgeous.

Vivenne Westwood Red Label

Vivenne Westwood is just one of those designers I love, but can never participate in. Somehow her thrown together hodge podge of fabrics works so well (more successfully than Rodarte IMO). Lots of her trademark plaid, and that suited look on the left is wicked.