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Vogue US – McQueen

12/21/2010 Leave a comment

How gorgeous does the Spring 2011 McQueen collection look in January’s Vogue? Beauty overload!

[image via Fashion Gone Rogue]


Lady Gaga McQueen Tribute

02/16/2010 Leave a comment

Lady Gaga performs Telephone and Dance in the Dark at the BRITs – she dedicates a statue of herself wearing McQueen (lodged in a giant piano?)

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God save.the McQueen

02/12/2010 Leave a comment

Went down to LA and saw a slowly growing memorial to McQueen. He really was brilliant.

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RIP Alexander McQueen

02/11/2010 Leave a comment

Alexander McQueen found dead in his London home today. Dead at 40, reports saying possible suicide.

I’ve only been blogging for about a month, but I’ve always appreciated his work and he’s produced some of the most memorable runway shows. Absolutely nobody could do what he did, fashion will definitely be missing something without him.

images via

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Alexander McQueen – S/S 2010 Lookbook Cont.

02/03/2010 Leave a comment

The whole lookbook for McQueen’s 2010 collection is up! Armadillo shoes are nowhere to be seen however. The prints are absolutely gorgeous. Reptilian prints, elegant structured garments, I am in love! Love the range, elegant flowy dresses to really strong looking garments.

Those are the shoes featured – kinda steampunk, no?

Check out the whole look book here

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Alexander McQueen Lookbook

01/31/2010 Leave a comment

Check out these images from Alexander McQueen’s lookbook – aren’t they fab?

It’s way easier to notice the beautiful print without all the crazy styling from the runway show (although I heart the reptile styling for that show). So dreamy, how can it look like lizard skin, yet not look horrifying?

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva

via Asian Models

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Milan Fashion Week – Alexander McQueen

01/20/2010 Leave a comment

Oh McQueen. His collections taken as separates are always like really nice and well made, but whenever he puts the whole look/show together it’s a whole ‘nother story. I mean, I appreciate the grotesque/pretty aesthetic that he’s really good at – I just always get this like weird reaction to the fetishy/sexual/visceral sorta feeling his clothing gives off.

That being said, I can’t help but think of birds and bird shit at some points in the collection. In a good way though.

via GQ Online