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London Fashion Week – S/S 2011 – Burberry Prorsum

It’s like the men’s show + candy-colored belts!

I like the accessories, they definitely add a feminine edge to the rockabilly aesthetic of the menswear line shown in Milan. But it does look tacked on in a few places no?

There was a lot going on – animal print, military, rockabilly, neon colors – a bit of a mindfuck.

The studs + colors + animal prints came off a little to literal crocodile for me.

If you watched the livestream, the girls clearly had issues walking in the shoes and leather pants for some reason. This poor girl took a spill.

I have to say, fashion may not be practical – but I tried on the coats for winter and they were already pretty heavy, add those studs on, and I can’t imagine this being a comfortable spring/summer for the Burberry girl.

Gorgeous right? When it works, the elements work well and is actually quite tough/elegant, but it’s a bit overwhelming to have a neon-reptilian-studded-military-trenchcoat-barf.

And what was this?

[images via Fashionologie]

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