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Project Runway – Episode 7 – Hard Wear

03/05/2010 Leave a comment

Last night’s challenge was the obligatory (and what as missing from last season) Non-conventional materials challenge!

Jay (Deservedly) Wins:

Gorgeous right? And made of fuckin trashbags?

SO – onto Emilio – easily the most irritating contestant on the show. I’d take a thousand Jeannes over this fool. He constantly trash talks (or is at least edited to look like the only one who does), and seriously? He did okay in the beginning, but he’s just so annoying. Bitchy gay attitude does not wear well with age. ANYWAY, onto his ‘garment’ –

WHAT? He knew he was in trouble when he didn’t buy enough materials and he didn’t think to re-design? And I never liked Jesse, but at least he produced clothes.

And I caught this on Dlisted:

No clue who she is, but judging by what she’s wearing, I’m pretty sure she’s a PORN STAR.

I guess there is a customer for that after all.

images via Lifetime


Project Runway – Season 7 Episode 6

02/19/2010 Leave a comment

RECAP: Crazy Bitch Gone, Crazy Jacket Wins

Warning: People who scold themselves in 3rd person are C-R-A-Z-Y. Bye crazy lady!

Such a hot jacket! I hate the child’s outfit though. Her hair doesn’t help her default pissed of face. C’mon bitch, give better face!


and Mini-Milla!

Surprised she didn’t slap a black-bob wig on that girl and call it a day.

images via Project Rungay and Lifetime

NYFW – Irina Shabayeva

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Project Runway Season 6 winner shows her collection

Okay. First, I hate bird feathers in clothing. Especially when it looks like a walking taxidermy’d animal. That being said, I don’t like this collection at all. The whole thing is SO costume-y – if there’s an eskimo princess archetype she definitely found it.  There are some interesting shapes going on with her signature heavy knits – but as a whole I find it rather offensive. Sorry bitch!

images via Coutorture

Project Runway Episode 4

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I hated this bitch from day one ever since that tired line came out of her mouth – “I am an artist”

Like seriously? You get a challenge to design a look for the cover of Marie Clarie for Heidi Klum and THAT’s what comes to mind? It’s like bargain rack at Urban Outfitters gurl. She’s like a fresh graduate from design school and it shows.

Good riddance! In other news, a massive 10 collections showed at the Project Runway show today at Bryant Park. Holy crap!

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NYFW Roundup Pt. 2

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Past Project Runway edition!

Christian Siriano

Overall very nice IMO – gentle color story, lots of separates, and of course lots of ruffles. The first look is pretty hot.

Daniel Vosovic

I always love his work – lots of softly structured looks with an air of modern sophistication. Interesting note: apparently it was hard to find all the Asian models used in this presentation.

images via NYmag

Project Runway – Design Your Heart Out

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You know it’s Lifetime when a) There’s “real” women involved b) there’s some sort of disease c) There’s a forced narrative of maudlin insanity

ANYWAYS, I’m glad Amy got a win because I felt she was robbed since that burlap sack challenge – but let’s be real here. This was a precession of super ugly red dresses. I’m going to be the bastard here, and ignore the fact there was supposed to be some heart-wrenching sob story and that this was all for charity – but c’mon! ugly ugly ugly! Charity doesn’t have to be ugly!

Look at this shit! Thankfully I’m here to provide the dress’ inner monologues:

“This piece of fabric blew into me – it’s a keeper!”

“My jaws are going to eat this woman’s head!”

“There are stars in the Campbell’s logo?” (there aren’t – but clearly the judges don’t even know)

“I’m intended to be worn by someone half her size, and a third of her age!”

“I won because I’m not horrible!”

Yeah whatever, I have no problem with designing for “real” people, but clearly that’s not what designers are good at. And that’s probably because the models used in fashion shows aren’t so-called “real women”!

Leave the red dress to Valentino – oh wait – his couture shows are considered a circus now . Oh well!

images via Lifetime

Farewell, my Fobby Princess

01/29/2010 Leave a comment


Last night on Runway, Ping was sent home. Is there no room in this world for an adorable fobby physical therapist?

Not with these bitches in the way –

Look at that bitch, eyeing her, zooming in for the kill. Let’s get this straight, he’s a shitty designer, a shitty seamstress, and a shitty ass dresser. His ass should’ve been sent home long ago.

What did they churn out?

You know, it’s not the best, but I think it’s at least interesting. Yeah statue of liberty whatever. Way better than that shitty southern belle the other guy sent down.

And this bitch?

Wtf? Don’t talk! You’re a model! Just stand there, shut up, and sell the clothes!

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