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Noma Han

05/05/2010 Leave a comment

Quickly becoming one of my favorite male models – Noma Han appears in the editorial “Beautiful Garbage” at Contributing Editor.

He does fashion so well. Love!


Get out of jail free

02/05/2010 Leave a comment

So, this is news right?

Male Model  Nick Snider was arrested for disorderly conduct and apparently was offering blow jobs left and right to anyone that could get him off the hook.

Would you refuse? Be honest! (I’d be on the fence)

via Fashionologie

Model Spotlight – Daniel Liu

02/03/2010 1 comment

So I am like in LOVE with Daniel Liu. Signed with Ford model, and recently did the UNIQLO fall 2009 campaign I like him for so many reasons.

It’s not often in America that you see a really STRONG Asian male model. He’s not all chinky looking like some model *cough Philip Huang cough* and he really has such a strong look that can transition between commercial and *fashion*. He is awesome, I wish I was him.

images via Asian Models

Let’s talk about Baptiste Giabiconi

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

Okay, so Baptiste Giabiconi is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse right? Awesome looking guy, totally hot. whatever.

So, I started noticing him when he was photographed in heels:

and I was like okay pretty ballsy, kudos.

But recently he’s been appearing in a shitload of editorials, and I don’t know if he’s just being styled crappily or he just doesn’t know how to behave in front of a camera while not being directed by Karl.

Does anyone else see what I’m talking about? He always looks like a pissed off caveman recently and I have no idea why. Someone utilize him better!