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Chanel F/W 2010

07/08/2010 Leave a comment

The womenswear from this collection is growing on me, but that wookie suit is still pretty ridiculous.

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Fash snaps

05/17/2010 Leave a comment

Chanel Cruise 2010

05/12/2010 Leave a comment

Models arriving by boat? Motorcycles?

The recent Chanel Cruise Runaway show at St. Tropez looks like quite the spectacle.

So WTF is cruise anyways? Is that different from resort? Do we need more made-up seasons?

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Coco Stewart?

04/30/2010 Leave a comment

So uh what? Stylite has opened our eyes and Martha Stewart was actually a model for Chanel (uh what??) – this was pre-Lagerfeld, but pretty earth-shattering nonetheless!

Chanel: Collections and Creations

01/27/2010 Leave a comment

Nabbed this off Amazon the other day. Gives a lovely history of Chanel, key icons and very pretty pictures.  Lots of tweed.


Haute Couture – Chanel

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

*yawn* Oh lookit that it’s Chanel Couture! Overall, very Chanel, not the over-the-top dramatic looks that I usually enjoy. But it’s a range of a very feminine, suits and dresses. I wonder how sitting at this show was? Flipping through the images was kinda boring, but I did see the nice steady progression. I heart the wedding dress. Apologies for the big “Magnify” on them, thanks Vogue UK <3!

images via Vogue UK