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Color Clash for GQ Japan May 2011

04/30/2011 Leave a comment

GQ Japan shows a very colorful editorial featuring the likes of Cavali, Etro, and Boss. I love color, very fantasy. I love the model Zhao Lei too.

[images via素敵な人たち]

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Burberry Black Label F/W 2010

08/12/2010 Leave a comment

I also get so jealous when I see images from Japan-exclusive Burberry Black Label. So chic and much more affordable than Brit or Prorsum.

via 素敵な人たち

Trendspotting: Man Dresses

04/16/2010 1 comment

I’m pretty sure this would never fly in America (unless your Marc Jacobs), and I’m pretty sure H&M tried to push these, but there’s reports of the man-skirt growing in popularity in Japan.

Referred to as “Herbivores” – a term which refers to men who have a stronger focus on their appearance than like manly things like sex and monster trucks – these young men in Japan are popularizing the man-dress. I don’t think this is a recent development, but this is one of those Japan things people like to pick up on.

Dresses for men are nothing new to the fashion world, but street-wise I think it’s still in its infancy. I’m pretty girly, but I don’t think I could hop on board this one. Thoughts? Hot or fug?

from Bionic Bong

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Vivienne Westwood in Dazed and Confused Japan

04/11/2010 Leave a comment

I’m always impressed when a stylist can make Vivienne look almost wearable!

Love Kiril, I kinda want his hair style…

I guess when you take off the hobo styling, it’s pretty normal clothing (sans tutus)

Vogue Hommes Japan

03/05/2010 Leave a comment

Out March 10th! So excited!

via Vogue Hommes Japan