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That Prada Sweater

03/29/2011 1 comment

This ridiculous Prada sweater is making the editorial rounds. I see the value in an editorial but I don’t think anyone in real life can wear it without looking like a lunatic.

There really should be a quota on how many times a piece can be photographed.

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Prada S/S 2011

01/23/2011 Leave a comment

Okay, I hated this collection when it first rolled out. I still hate the bananas, monkeys and orthopedic shoes but I can see what everyone loves about it. It’s fun, and this promo definitely plays up that fact.

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Milan Fashion Week – Prada S/S 2011

06/20/2010 Leave a comment

The suit are absolutely beautiful, the proportions have been tweaked and make the models look great. The collection falls into weird territory after that – what’s with all the hospital gowns walking the runway this season? (See: Calvin Klein) – I hope I’m not alone in thinking that big ass shirts are not flattering on a man.

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Lazy Styling

03/24/2010 Leave a comment

Du Juan and Liu Wen for Vogue China March 2010

I can’t get over how the styling is exactly the same from the Prada campaign (and runway show). Seems a bit lazy.

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Milan Fashion Week – Prada

02/25/2010 Leave a comment

Okay since everyone else doesn’t want to say it, I will – these girls look like hot messes.

Everyone is losing their shit over how they used “plus-size” models, but these girls don’t looks “big” – they look manly. They looked like a parade of grade school bullies – pre-teen girls who haven’t figured out what femininity is. I have nothing against going against the grain and using non-stick models, but these clothes don’t look made for them, they look ill-fitted and not really intended to be on these non-stick women. The styling definitely doesn’t help. It’s a shame because I really feel that these clothes would’ve shined if they didn’t try to be more “real”. Pretty classic Prada looks overshadowed by how inappropriate the look on their model choices.

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Livestream Bonanza

02/25/2010 Leave a comment

D&G Livestreamed their show today, you can watch it here:

(I think it’s incredibly tacky – it’s a weird ski collection, but its composed of booty shorts and short skirts? Those bling-ed out ski goggles aren’t doing the looks any favors.)

Meanwhile, Prada failed at their livestream, some people saw laggy video, I saw absolutely nothing. Prada fail!

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Prada – Spring 2010 Womenswear Campaign

01/19/2010 Leave a comment

Anyone else catch the Prada 2010 ad campaign? It’s gorgeous. I love the whole “bitchy rich girl” vibe it gives off – those insane chandelier shoes and those candy coated lips. Can I make friends with someone who looks like that and just be cool by association?

More shots after the jump!

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