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Lazy Sunday

05/02/2010 Leave a comment

My Sunday – new VMAN, Surface, and LOVE.



30% off Dress shirts and men’s bags. 30-40% off European & American sportswear, and others.

May 5th – May 9th!


Vivienne Westwood in Dazed and Confused Japan

04/11/2010 Leave a comment

I’m always impressed when a stylist can make Vivienne look almost wearable!

Love Kiril, I kinda want his hair style…

I guess when you take off the hobo styling, it’s pretty normal clothing (sans tutus)

iPad Fash Rags?

04/05/2010 Leave a comment

The prospect of looking at my fashion editorials on the ipad’s beautiful screen could be the tipping point for me to buy one of these. Conde Nast’s Interview is first on board it seems, with no Vogue in sight. Is this the rebirth of print media?

via Fashionologie

There’s a multiple watch look?

04/04/2010 Leave a comment

from YVY Mag:

To launch the new Colour Code collection Swatch have teamed up with the globe´s premier trendsetting magazines – NYLON, Wallpaper, V Magazine, I-D, Another, Dazed & Confused, POP – Swatch challenged these brands to go head to head in their “Swatch. How We Wear It” competition. Each magazine had to style a 6 page fashion shoot showing Swatch how they would rock the multiple watch look.

This just sounds like a plot to convince people to buy more watches. PLLLEEEASEE don’t let this become a “look”

Dazed and Confused Japan

03/16/2010 Leave a comment

Everyone loves a pale pale blond! And who doesn’t love a little Comme des Garcons?

Model: Thomas Penfoun

Photographer: Ben Toms

via the Fashionisto

Fash Rag Day

03/13/2010 Leave a comment

Picked up Vogue Hommes Japan ad a copy of Gap press spring collections (paris and Milan) – why can’t American fashion mens publications be this good? Excuse me while I go pour myself over every page.