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Baptiste Sings

10/11/2010 Leave a comment

Seems like Karlfeld Muse – Baptiste Giabiconi is trying to breakout as a singer. Eh? Rather generic sounding song, I wonder how far the Karl touch will take him.

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Do the Tightrope

06/05/2010 Leave a comment

The lovely Janelle has been occupying my iPod time.

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Ricky Lee – Can’t Touch It

05/29/2010 Leave a comment

Watched Sex and the City 2 last night – it was a gay ol’ time. This song is now stuck in my head!

Not Myself Tonight

05/02/2010 1 comment

If a video was ever going to give you an STD, this is it.

File this under “Trying Too Hard”

Katie Melua – The Flood

04/25/2010 Leave a comment

Good song for a lazy Sunday –

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Lady Gaga (ft. Beyonce) – Telephone Music Video

03/11/2010 Leave a comment

I have mixed feelings about this video, but there’s plenty of hot fashion moments to be had. I’m still digesting it at this point in time.

See for yourself! So far, I’m feel like the actual song is broken up too much.

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Tik Talk

01/13/2010 1 comment

Can we talk about Ke$ha for a second?

By all accounts of reason and rationale, I really should hate this girl – but I have this inexplicable infatuation with her CD animal which was recently released. I am obsessed.

Someone help me.

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