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Workday Shopping

02/19/2010 Leave a comment

I’m having this obsession with rubber watches – currently browsing Urban Outfitter (.. I know) for stuff since it’s on sale!

Also this scarf, which I am on the fence about since they now give off a little too much Jonas Brothers

I’ve definitely taken my credit card for a wild ride this month, I don’t know if it can handle round 2 😦



02/07/2010 Leave a comment

What’s buyers remorse again?

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Shopping alert!

02/06/2010 Leave a comment

Want want want! The deep blue is so pretty !

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Pringle of Scotland

01/14/2010 Leave a comment

Currently dying over this scarf from Pringle of Scotland’s Pre-Fall. Nobody carries the brand locally 😦

via Fashionisto

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Mid-day Purchase

01/14/2010 Leave a comment

Check out Barney’s – Final Markdowns! Gave myself a treat after being up since 5:30 AM for no reason.

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