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Long Live Couture in V Magazine

05/05/2010 Leave a comment

I’ve loving this images from V magazine. It makes you look at this past season’s couture collections in a different way displayed in this manner. Beautiful. Photographed by Steven Proctor.

Might have to pick this issue up! May 11th peoples!


Haute Couture – Jean Paul Gaultier

01/28/2010 Leave a comment

The DRAMA is here! Gaultier brings it! If Chanel couture was the thinking man’s couture, this is the dramatic in-yo-face one. Each look is so unique and interesting, with a total aztec g0d-matador vibe going on. Lots of details, totally unwearable, but I love it.

images via Coutorture

Haute Couture – Valentino

01/27/2010 Leave a comment

“Alright, put on this blindfold – I’m going to blow up this ribbon factory and see what sticks”

… yeah.

I mean to be fair, it is a very pretty collection, it’s just really not my thing. The makeup bugs me, the shoes bother me, and I duno. The collection as a whole just isn’t my thing? A little too young looking for couture I suppose.

I kinda love this reference tho:

and that’s that!

images via Coutorture

Watch some couture in motion!

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

Armani Prive

Dior (There’s 4 parts to the video)

Haute Couture – Givenchy

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

Givenchy Couture is here to save the day! Dior’s was pretty (if not a little familiar) – but Givenchy really brings it and it is goregouss~~~!

images via Coutorture

Haute Couture – Chanel

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

*yawn* Oh lookit that it’s Chanel Couture! Overall, very Chanel, not the over-the-top dramatic looks that I usually enjoy. But it’s a range of a very feminine, suits and dresses. I wonder how sitting at this show was? Flipping through the images was kinda boring, but I did see the nice steady progression. I heart the wedding dress. Apologies for the big “Magnify” on them, thanks Vogue UK <3!

images via Vogue UK

Haute Couture – Armani Prive

01/25/2010 Leave a comment

Haute Couture is always so gorgeous, just pure eye candy. Love the dreamy quality and the crescent moon detailing.*melts* Anybody know how to get legit runway stock photos? I don’t want to pay up the ass for them, is there like a subscription thing somewhere? I don’t think I’m legit enough for catwalking.