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Daniel Radcliff for Dazed and Confused

10/15/2010 Leave a comment

An unusual entry here, but good ol’ Harry Potter has seemed to take his career into a more avant garde direction after his role in Equus.

[images via Fashionisto]


Vivienne Westwood in Dazed and Confused Japan

04/11/2010 Leave a comment

I’m always impressed when a stylist can make Vivienne look almost wearable!

Love Kiril, I kinda want his hair style…

I guess when you take off the hobo styling, it’s pretty normal clothing (sans tutus)

Dazed and Confused – Tilda Swinton

03/31/2010 Leave a comment

Gorgeous as only she can do it!

Dazed and Confused Japan

03/16/2010 Leave a comment

Everyone loves a pale pale blond! And who doesn’t love a little Comme des Garcons?

Model: Thomas Penfoun

Photographer: Ben Toms

via the Fashionisto