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Barney’s Private Sale

05/24/2010 Leave a comment

Why do they bother calling these things “private”? Anyways, up to 40% off! I got a pair of boot I’ll probably regret.

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Saturday Barney’s Stroll

03/06/2010 Leave a comment

Saw this eye-catching display at Barney’s today. Saw man dresses for sale from Givenchy(?) and the weirdest Gareth Pugh shirt. What is the customer for this?

Edit: I think i totally saw Brad from Rachel Zoe and that gay gay gay Andy Cohen there. I almost tripped over myself.

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Barney’s New York Lookbook

02/19/2010 Leave a comment

Dying over the jackets I can’t afford *sob*

Check out the Barney’s Lookbook!

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Why hello there

01/23/2010 Leave a comment

Why hello there Barney’s Co-Op Mannequin

Look closely, and you’ll find that more detail goes into these mannequins than you think.

Mid-day Purchase

01/14/2010 Leave a comment

Check out Barney’s – Final Markdowns! Gave myself a treat after being up since 5:30 AM for no reason.

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