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Buyer’s Remorse

04/27/2010 Leave a comment


Tokyo Flash


Stress Shopping!

03/06/2010 Leave a comment

Went to Sawtelle today – Asian-Japanesey-Hipster area galore. What better place to go than GR2?

Got myself a ring! I’ve been staring at rings with this big blocky shape and this was perfect and nerdy ❤

Also picked up a Tokyo Flash watch – I’ve always wanted one but never felt confident buying them online. I also fell on my ass this past week and scratched my other watch ( 😦 ) I jokingly said I’d just buy a new one, oh wellz.

This is a shitty picture (and the plastic film is still on the face) – but I have a feeling I won’t be using this one to tell any time (not that I use watches for that anyways). Tokyo Flash watches are known for their overly complicated LED displays.

Workday Shopping

02/19/2010 Leave a comment

I’m having this obsession with rubber watches – currently browsing Urban Outfitter (.. I know) for stuff since it’s on sale!

Also this scarf, which I am on the fence about since they now give off a little too much Jonas Brothers

I’ve definitely taken my credit card for a wild ride this month, I don’t know if it can handle round 2 😦

A weekend of accessories

01/24/2010 Leave a comment

Saturday was “Accessories Day”

Isn’t this watch totally cute? Bought it at one of those pop art-y furniture stores (so random) but I couldn’t resist. Nice matte finished band, and brushed chrome face. Hearts.

They have lots of cute stuff – check it out!

Also snagged these gloves for $9 bucks (Orig. $40) from Club Monaco. Dog chewed up the gray ones I bought last year, so these were a nice find. An attempt to inject a little (albeit subdued) color into my life.

I bought more, but I will not divulge it in one post.

Retail therapy!