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Ethan James for Paul Smith

08/30/2010 Leave a comment

LOVE his look. I love a good lip on a guy.

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Bloomingdale’s Aftermath

04/20/2010 Leave a comment

Picked up my pre-sale item from Bloomingdale’s today! I was $25.00 short of getting the 20% off the entire purchase so I bought a lovely Paul Smith scarf (which after all the discounts went from $120 -> $30) and the Theory shirt I posted about earlier. And above all that, snagged two $15 gift cards. Totally worth it right?

I heart the Bloomingdale’s Private sale – remember still goes till the 22nd! Now onto Saks Friends & Family (which someone applies to me too?)

Paul Smith Spring Accessories

03/27/2010 Leave a comment

It’s oddly refreshing for an ad to be this direct in it’s “BUY THIS” message.

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Paris Fashion Week – Paul Smith

01/24/2010 Leave a comment

Alright let me get this out of the way. Paul Smith’s models are always so fucking ugly – okay maybe that’s too harsh. I don’t know if it’s how they’re styled, I understand not all designers want that shaved, slick looking guy, but I mean really – let’s be real here – these are not attractive men, or at least styled horribly. Not even “model pretty” as some would say. Is he just going for like gross grunge rocker?

Okay onto the clothes:

What I always loved about Paul Smith is that it’s very well tailored menswear, but there is always an unexpected element of pattern, and color which is a breath of fresh air in this season of drab, gray and black menswear. Lots of nice jackets and shawl collars – But still, I can’t focus on the clothes because of all the fucking beards and straggly hair. I’ll admit it, I like my male models clean looking!