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Theory Look Book

08/19/2010 Leave a comment

Print may be going away, but I love a look book in the mail!

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Bloomingdale’s Aftermath

04/20/2010 Leave a comment

Picked up my pre-sale item from Bloomingdale’s today! I was $25.00 short of getting the 20% off the entire purchase so I bought a lovely Paul Smith scarf (which after all the discounts went from $120 -> $30) and the Theory shirt I posted about earlier. And above all that, snagged two $15 gift cards. Totally worth it right?

I heart the Bloomingdale’s Private sale – remember still goes till the 22nd! Now onto Saks Friends & Family (which someone applies to me too?)


04/10/2010 Leave a comment

So in my idle window shopping last week, I came across two shirts that I am now thinking about.

1) Theory 2) Marc by Marc Jacobs

The Marc one I am eyeing is a darker shade of blue, but I just bought a Theory shirt a couple weeks back. Both hover around the $200 range (gag). But in an effort to curb my spending, I will only buy one! Neither? Not an option! The consumerist in me cannot quit cold turkey.

On another note – when did some many dept stores (Saks, Bloomies, etc) start carrying Marc by Marc?

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E-Commerce Ahoy!

02/22/2010 Leave a comment

Aw snap! Two major brands are venturing into e-commerce today.

Band of Outsiders (limited for now)

Theory (Shit! I want all the spring jackets)

This will save on that pesky wear n’ tear from swiping that card too much!