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Paris Fashion Week – S/S 2011 – Vivienne Westwood

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I love me some dirty pretty!

I have grown over the years to really love Vivienne’s aesthetic. I used to think it was garbage as clothes, but there is something so glamorous and gorgeous about the silhouettes her clothing makes. Her stylish is also to die for. Love it.

This look is one of my favorites. Who knew plastic could look so amazing?

[images via Fashionlogie]


Milan Fashion Week – Vivienne Westwood S/S 2011

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Oh Vivienne.

images via Homotography

Vivienne Westwood in Dazed and Confused Japan

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I’m always impressed when a stylist can make Vivienne look almost wearable!

Love Kiril, I kinda want his hair style…

I guess when you take off the hobo styling, it’s pretty normal clothing (sans tutus)

Paris Fashion Week – Vivienne Westwood

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Omg what!?

ANYWAYS, she’s clearly playing with masculine/feminine I guess (?) – so bizarre but you can’t help but love it. I’m still really irked by how many they can make their faces look and the the incongruity with their bodies threw me for a loop.

Clothes? Oh right, they’re wearing clothes. There are some looks I can’t get behind like this ‘I just walked through confetti’ look –

and other drop-dead gorgeous looks like this:

I love the high socks with fun patterns, and as per usual Westwood, plenty of layering, colors, and textures to fill your life with everything imaginable. She always knows how to redefine ‘pretty’ in a way other designers don’t seem to venture into.

images via Coutorture

London Fashion Week

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Newcomer Turkish Designer Hakan shows his collection at London Fashion Week. Simply stunning, I am absolutely floored by that one shoulder dress. So organic and gorgeous.

Vivenne Westwood Red Label

Vivenne Westwood is just one of those designers I love, but can never participate in. Somehow her thrown together hodge podge of fabrics works so well (more successfully than Rodarte IMO). Lots of her trademark plaid, and that suited look on the left is wicked.

Milan Fashion Week – Vivenne Westwood

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Hobo-Chic – literally? No this ain’t no Ke$ha hobo-chic – this is the fashion hobo chic.

If this collection was done by anyone else but Vivenne Westwood I’d probably spit out blood, but it’s her and you can’t help but love her fantasy craziness. The runway was lined in cardboard boxes and the pieces all have the “thrown” together look. How can you not love a show that has the model pushing a fucking shopping cart? *dies*

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