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Alexander the Great / Vogue US May 2011

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Timed with the upcoming Savage Beauty exhibit at the MET, Vogue has a lovely (if not a little reminiscent of a past editorial in Vogue by Grace Coddington) editorial featuring some key looks from McQueen.

[images via Fashion Gone Rogue]


Vogue US – McQueen

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How gorgeous does the Spring 2011 McQueen collection look in January’s Vogue? Beauty overload!

[image via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Tom Ford Womenswear

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Debuting in the December issue of Vogue is the long-anticipated Tom Ford Womenswear collection. After an extremely strict restriction on photos, we finally get first glimpse.

Retro-glam amazing! Enjoy the eye-candy.

Definitely love the Single Man-esque vibe here.

[images via Homotography]


Autopsy of Vogue March

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So I eagerly picked up my first ever issue of Vogue – this big ass March edition with the lovely Tina Fey gracing the cover. I’ve never felt the need to buy the magazine since I am not a woman, but I felt that it’s such an influential magazine, any fashionisto wannabe should at least have at least bought one issue right? After all, people literally worship the magazine.

So I sat on my couch, eager to see what all the hub-bub was about. After watching The September Issue I wanted to see all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this bible of fashion. All the fabulousness of Ms. Wintour and the artistic eye of Grace Coddington.

I sat flipping through the customary first few pages of advertisements (prime real estate right?)… and then I was flipping… and flipping… until I finally reach the first piece of wonderful Vogue writing. Wait. A table of contents? What page is this? Page 100?

Fair enough. Keep flipping.. and flipping through ads… and then I hit at about page 128… another table of contents? I guess there’s just SO much content, they couldn’t fit it all in one (or have them consecutive). Alright, let’s get rolling.

At about page 168… a third part of the table of contents? Are you kidding me?

I finally started hitting traces of content here and there. Some style tips here, and article about an article bloggers that would appear later. At about page 400 is when I finally hit my first editorial. From that point on it was pretty good, a solid block of content and pretty fashions until the end of the magazine. I was left a bit dissatisfied and I wanted to know exactly how much content I actually just read.

Ads on the right, content on the left

Final Figures

  • Total Pages: ~578
  • ~60 Pages of Pure Non-Advertisement Content: Roughly 10% of the entire magazine

I’m not naive, print media is certainly on the decline and need these advertisements to survive. In a way, there’s no better presentation of a designer’s looks than the ad campaigns themselves. But do I really need to buy a magazine to look at what is essentially a collection of ads? From a marketing standpoint, don’t ads lose effectiveness when there’s a shitload at once? Or maybe I’m just a fashion newb, and I don’t understand the industry that well.

So here is my open question to the fashion world, what’s the big deal with Vogue?

Oh on a side note – I don’t think the same Gucci dress should be featured twice in the same issue.

Vogue China – Karl’s China Fantasy

02/21/2010 Leave a comment

Vogue China March 2010

Karl photographs his China fantasy. Say hello to Baptiste in the corner there. Pretty editorial, kinda Alice in Wonderland-y tho.

via Asian Models

Shu Pei for Vogue China

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sigh so pretty

via Asian Models

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