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Sean O’ Pry for Simons

05/20/2010 Leave a comment

Sean O’ Pry looking amazing in this lookbook for Simons.

Clothing is pretty basic, but hot people can make anything look good. :\

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I want this hawt coat from What Comes Around Goes Around – it’s under $200 !!!

I still have a workday… tempting…

AHHH the only thing holding me back is the scaly texture on it… but it looks reallly gooooooood

Life Ball 2010

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Stirking images – theme “Sow the seeds of solidarity”

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Company of We – S/S 2010

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There’s something so campy and not-fashion about this campaign that keeps it tabbed in my browser.

Maybe it’s the presence of an Asian Male model (Joe Choi)!

Clothing is cute, preppy, and not too expensive either! $250~ish for a blazer, not bad! I wonder if I can find it in stores somewhere to check the fit…

via Company of We

Hamaki-Ho Spring Lookbook

02/21/2010 Leave a comment

Italian Brand Hamaki-Ho’s Spring Lookbook:

I’m usually a strong proponent against short-sleeve button downs, but they’re making it look pretty good!

Super stylish, too bad it’s not available here :(I wonder if I can do shorts without looking like a little kid.

Official Site

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Burberry Spring 2010

01/24/2010 2 comments

A little late on this one, but I always love Burberry campaigns. They always showcase the clothing, and have pretty people in them. This time around Hermione’s brother Alex Watson joins in. *_*

I love the new print with the sorta shady leaf pattern on it, the sweaters, and of course the jackets are all superb ❤

H&M – Man Skirts

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So whoever can pull this off, more power to you – I would look like a homeless Asian dragqueen if I tried this.

Like really guys? How can a mass market retail store like H&M do something like this and get away with it?? There’s even ones with pleats! Like I know Marc Jacobs walks around in a kilt or whatever, but that doesn’t make this okay. nonononono.

The rest of the collection is not doing much more me – color-wise and look-wise. It’ll be a sad spring!

I’ve picked a few of the least offensive ones after the jump.

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