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Dior Changes Guard

03/08/2011 Leave a comment

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy has officially been named the Galliano’s replacement at Dior. I cannot stomach his aesthetic of tacky prints, but I’m sure he will preserve the brands image (I hope). I might be the only one who doesn’t understand his genius – I am curious to see how his dark aesthetic will translate to Dior’s elegance.

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Paris Fashion Week – Dior

03/05/2010 Leave a comment

The collection taken by itself is quite beautiful. Although thematically, it seemed like a RTW version of the Haute Couture collection. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily – however Galliano’s equestrian inspired clothing is started to feel a bit expected. This collection at moments seems more Galliano than Dior. Styling is fab, no?

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Watch some couture in motion!

01/26/2010 Leave a comment

Armani Prive

Dior (There’s 4 parts to the video)

John Galliano – Dior Haute Couture 2010

01/25/2010 Leave a comment

The pictures are still trickling in, but it is sooo beautiful. Can’t wait to see the runway videos!

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