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Summer Style Selection

06/03/2010 Leave a comment

“Polo Shirts, Short Sleeves, Shorts- Teaching you the rules to dress well this year!”

Love these looks, definitely a stylish way to pull off summer. Vests have to go away. Maybe it’s the model’s hair that makes these looks? The colorful backdrops are an excellent design choice.


Who are you Calling Lightweight?

05/25/2010 Leave a comment

This editorial is so adorable. The contrast of the suited look with a wrestler is so awesome. Halarious! Are wrestlers that tall?

via The Fashionisto

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Blame it on the Samba

05/25/2010 Leave a comment

If there’s one thing that China fashion magazines do more than other Asian fashion magazines (I’m looking at you JAPAN) is use ASIAN models. As much as I love my Japanese fashion rags, I’ve always been irked at the very small percentage of domestic models used – China embraces it’s Chinese-ness and that is well reflected in its fashion magazines.

viva Chinese High fashion!

via YVY Mag

Sometimes Nerdy

05/13/2010 Leave a comment

I Loooove nerdy  looks. It’s what I aspire to in life.

via The Fashionisto