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Karl Lagerfeld? Is Dat Chu?

09/04/2010 Leave a comment

Browsing VMAN’s blog and this is the weirdest thing I saw.


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AND_I Want to be a Superhero

05/14/2010 Leave a comment

Mathia Lauridsen looking amazing in this editorial from VMAN’s site. Stunning!

via VMAN

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Lazy Sunday

05/02/2010 Leave a comment

My Sunday – new VMAN, Surface, and LOVE.



30% off Dress shirts and men’s bags. 30-40% off European & American sportswear, and others.

May 5th – May 9th!

Mathias Lauridson in VMAN

04/14/2010 Leave a comment

One of my favorite male models! It’s a toss up between Mathias and Sean O’Pry!

Love the whimsical styling in this editorial! Key points are the JW Anderson Boots and the jacket from Burberry Prorsum (although it looks a bit animalistic here no?)

via The Fashionisto

Shrek of a Guy – VMAN

04/12/2010 Leave a comment

Anything + Shrek = Shit!

I hate Shrek. Everything about it. The weird dated sense of humor, the constant jokes that fall flat, the aesthetics, EVERYTHING. And the characters is this editorial are SO distracting. Which is a shame because the clothes are pretty fab, but UGH, SHREK. Anything but Shrek!

Couple this with Nick Jonas on the cover of last issue = seriously, what are those guys thinking?

via Brazil Male Models

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Nick Jonas on VMAN

01/28/2010 Leave a comment

Oh my fucking god. WHAT. WHY. AHHHH.

Who the fuck decided it was a good idea to put this tool on the cover of VMAN?

Let’s break it down – Buying a fash mag for guys is already like a step into a different comfort zone, but this slap this teeny bopper idol on the front? Who’s going to want to be seen buying this shit? You might as well slap Zac Efron, Rob Patterson, and Miley Cyrus engaging in a circle jerk on the cover.

I’ll just browse the editorials online this time around.

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