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New York Fashion Week – F/W 2011 – Marc by Marc Jacobs

02/16/2011 Leave a comment

A little lumberjack, a little boring. Not quite feeling the bland woodsy color palate for this season. Nothing seems to stand out too much to me on in this round.

[images via NYMag]


Marc by Marc Moleskine

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favorite journal + favorite designer = must have!

via Refinery29

New York Fashion Week – S/S 2011 – Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Kinda lovin’ the bags for spring!

[image via GQ]

Marc Again

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Felt the urge to buy this shirt.

How cute is that necklace? I love his accessories so cheap and chic. I’ll have to replace that janky chain though.

I also took a whiff of Marc’s Bang – pretty good! I didn’t like it at first but the scent has lingered in my olfactory zones for the rest of the day.

I need to stop shopping there for reals.

oh and P.S. Fred Perry and Fred Segal and TOTALLY different.

Lil Lower

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Picked up this cute shirt at Marc by Marc, they have bags with the same design but they were a bit cheap and flimsy.

Spend Spend Fashion Baby

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Ahhhh! When did this happen! I left a lot out. And this is only like the past two months! I may need to not go to Melrose for a bit.

I also picked up the Arthur Sales issue of L’Officiel Hommes ❤

Excuse me while I go pay off my credit card to prepare for my trip to Burberry this weekend…

NYFW Roundup Pt. 9

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TOO MANY COLLECTIONS! This’ll be a fat post.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I want that cardigan and I want those sunglasses NAO! /in love

Max Azria

Pretty fierce looking, lot of black though! Completely different from his Herve Leger tho, weird huh. I wonder how they keep two different design sensibilities at once?


Oh Rodarte. I love you but I never understand you. Has anyone actually seen anyone IRL wearing these looks?

Korto Momolu

My personal favorite from Project Runway season 5(?) – I love her use of volume and ethnic flair (without being literal like Irina did). Love the bags!

Vera Wang

I looove the looks! Lots of cute dresses, working in volume and sheer fabrics. I love the shrugs, very old-style but modern at the same time.

She should make a line called “Very Wang” – just sayin’

Perry Ellis

I loove the color palate. Lots of nicely made pieces that can fit into any wardrobe. Models styled like douche bags tho.