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Milan Fashion Week – Burberry Prorsum – F/W 2011

Burberry continued its e-commerce strategy and offered the coats and bags up for sale immediately following the sale. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’m going to spend upwards of $2,000 I need to try that shit on. But what would I try on here? There was a weird psuedo-Russian vibe going on here. The coats and bags were clearly the focus since that’s what they were trying to sell. All other articles of clothing took a backseat to the accessories and coats. The coats themselves for me fell anywhere between non-offensive to atrocious with a few sweaters thrown in. If you watched the show, some of those models could barely walk in those coats because they seemed so stiff. It looked like they were walking around in starched shells.

What say you?

Cute if not boring.

Ridiculous. But at least editorial-worthy.

The two above actually made me cringe. Cowprint fur collar?? BLURGH


Look how it’s bunching up everywhere! Even those ridiculous aviator coats from last fall seemed easier to walk in.

And making it rain on the runway? PUH-leeze – gimmick gimmick gimmick. I’m surprised they weren’t trying to tell those transparent rain covers too. Overall, the drive to sell immediately after runway seems to be the driving force behind the shows for Burberry and while that’s not terrible, I don’t know how effective that is with a collection that is semi-ready to wear.

Wanted to love it, but left with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Moreso following the love it seems to be getting.

[images via Style]

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