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Milan Fashion Week – Jill Sander

Here’s what GQ.com says:

Raf Simons dreams in technicolor. Vivid shades like geranium, lyme grass, and daffodil take their inspiration from the smallest details in nature, and look electric against a blackened Florentine sky. Pleated detailing on the back of a techno trench shows the designer’s skill for precise, razor-sharp tailoring. A series of slim-cut suits in black-on-black wool hit just the right beat amid all the screaming brights. Graphic color-block-printed shirts seem to get their gusto from the hard-edged paintings of Frank Stella, and a black-and-fuchsia striped sweater nods to the punk style of the Mudd Club. Raf’s bold swagger is in full force here, goose bumps included.

You know, I never have a problem with color but I think about what the “man” that would wear these clothes and it doesn’t make sense to me. These are clothes that would look good in an editorial, but not really anywhere else. The colors seem a little too retro for me and all I can picture is how fast they’ll get dirty. Seems the only compliment you can give menswear is about the tailoring – let’s break out of the box here! Something just screams Old Navy basics here…

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