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Milan Fashion Week – Burberry Prorsum

Here’s what GQ.com has to say:

This season, it’s full-on Mods vs. Rockers at Burberry. Christopher Bailey sends out the traditional trenches (cut a bit longer at times) and pairs them with country-gent Wellies and olive drab jersey-knit pants; but just when you think he’s gonna swan around in the heather and lilac all day, he chases that world off the runway with studded and swaggering black leather motorcycle vests and gladiator-battle-ready jackets cut badass, tight, and spoiling for a fight. (And speaking of gladiators, check out the gladiator Birkenstocks.)

I’m with them until the second sentence. Wtf? Swan around in heather and lilac? uh okay.

Trenchcoats with mesh sweaters, Motorcycle Rocker Jackets with Gladiator Sandals? Not my favorite Prorsum collection, but very much consistent with the name ‘Prorsum’. I always love the styling at Burberry shows – guys always look great! I’m really digging the shorter cut jackets.

You can order pieces from the S/S 2011 now at Burberry.com (how does this make sense?? Why can’t all fashion houses just show and then sell for the current season?)

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